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Peterson Tuners:


StroboFlip: $199.00 Sale Price $150

The StroboFlip is the newest model in Peterson's high-quality line of virtual stobe tuners. This little flip-top tuner will provide you with the most accurate tuning available in a compact package, and it also packs a TON of handy features and customizable options into one compact unit. This little guy fits easily inside a case or gig bag, can be clamped onto a mic stand, and is easy to see on a dark stage. But even though this tuner is a great "bang-for-the-buck" value, it also delivers when it comes to performance. Your bass, or ANY instrument for that matter, will never sound better. Tune up with a Peterson!

  • 0.1 cent accuracy
  • Real-Time Virtual Strobe™ Technology
  • Programmable auto-off to conserve battery life
  • 34 preset temperaments/Sweeteners™
  • Offsets for All Instruments Fitted with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System® Including 12 String
  • Peterson Sweetened Tuning™ for Guitar, Bass, Dobro®, Steel Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello
  • 8 user-programmable Sweetened™ temperament banks
  • User-Programmable Tempered Tunings
  • Adjustable temperament root
  • Battery operated or included AC power supply
  • Pitch Holder™ mounting clamp and TP-2™ tuning pickup included
  • Backlit control panel
  • New flip design fits easily in gig bag

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StroboStomp: $189.00   Sale Price $150

The StroboStomp is the first and only virtual strobe tuner in a pedal, and the folks at Peterson should be extremely proud of this tough little tuner. The "Stomp" provides many of the handy featuers found on other Peterson virtual stobe tuners, but delivers them in a stomp box format that can easily be used on stage "as is" or in conjunction with other pedal effects. The "Stomp" is built like a tank and will provide you with trouble-free, highly-accurate tuning on the fly. If you feel like you just can't get dialed in, or if your instrument quickly goes out of tune, then you need to try a Peterson. You will be amazed at what a useful tool a quality tuner can be to improve your sound on stage.

  • 100% True Bypass Switching with Heavy Duty 3PDT Stomp Switch for Silent Tuning
  • Real-Time Virtual Strobe TM Technology
  • Backlit Strobe Display
  • Accuracy to 1/10th of a Cent (30 times more accurate than LED / Needle Tuners)
  • Offsets for All Instruments Fitted with the Buzz Feiten Tuning System® Including 12 String
  • Range Far Exceeds that of Any Guitar or Bass
  • Peterson Custom GTR TM, BAS TM and 12 String Tunings
  • User-Programmable Tempered Tunings
  • Drop / Capo Transposition for All Tunings and Offsets
  • Built-In Mute-able Active DI for Acoustic Guitars and Bass with Ground/Lift and XLR Output
  • Power-Sharing 9V DC Input / Output or 9V Battery
  • Rock Solid Die-Cast Construction Ergonomically Designed to Protect LCD and Stomp Switch

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V-SAM Strobe/Audio/Metronome: $249.00

The Peterson "V-SAM" is a combination of a programmable VIRTUAL STROBE tuner, an AUDIO tone generator, and a METRONOME in a hand-held format. It marries the revolutionary (patent pending) Virtual Strobe Technology first introduced in the VS-1 tuner with new, brighter, high-contrast display. The V-SAM is one of the highest quality portable tuners available, but can also be a great song-writing and rehearsal tool since it also features a built-in metronome. The V-SAM is commonly found on the benches of the world's finest luthiers and set-up pros, and if you perform your own setups and instrument maintenance, you will definatley benefit from a V-SAM on your workbench too.

  • Strobe Tuner, Tone Generator and Metronome modes
  • Adjustable to all keys, tonal roots and temperaments- a worldwide first!
  • Savable settings such as temperament, key, metronome and default settings
  • Concert A Reference of 410 to 490Hz
  • Brighter, high contrast display
  • Built-in speaker for 10 octave audio tuner and metronome
  • Metronome with Tap Temo, Adjustable Subdivisions and Beats/Measure as well as new INTRO feature
  • Accuracy To 1/10 Cent (1/1000 Semitone)
  • Smooth, Instantaneous Tuning Response
  • Exclusive Virtual Strobe Technology™
  • Quick-Touch™ Rotary Knob For Fast, Easy Use
  • Automatic Or Manual Note Selection
  • Selectable Historical Temperaments Including Just
  • Exclusive "Sweetened", Tempered Guitar Tuning
  • Extended Bass mode let's you tune down to 4HZ!
  • Large Note Display With Transposition To All Chromatic Keys
  • Adjustable Concert A Reference In 0.5 Hz Increments
  • Powered By 3 AA Batteries Or Included Smart Power 3VDC Universal Adapter (90VAC~240VAC)
  • Weighs In At Under 1.2 Pounds (approx. 0.5kg)—2.1 pounds US shipping weight
  • Built-In Microphone For Acoustic Instruments
  • Rubber Boot For Better Grip And Added Protection.
  • 2-Way Stand Permits Flat, Angled, Or Vertical Wall Hung Positioning
  • AUTOMATIC OCTAVE REGISTER ADJUSTMENT - widest, most readable, strobe bands are automatically displayed for any octave. Unusable bands are automatically blanked.
  • EASY NOTE DISPLAY TRANSPOSITION - to any of 12 chromatic keys. Peterson introduces a Fret Transposition Scale™ (FTS) for clearer key transposition with fretted instruments.
  • ACCESSORIES - case and external mics available.


George Ls Cables:


Thoughts on cables, soldeless, tough on cables, great tone, high-quallity, performance, different weghts, lenghts, etc.


.155 straight/straight

  • 10 ft. length-$25.50 Sale Price $20
  • 15 ft. lenght-$29.50 Sale Price $25
  • 20 ft. length-$35.50 Sale Price $30


.155 straight/right angle

  • 10 ft. length-$25.50 Sale Price $20
  • 15 ft. lenght-$29.90 Sale Price $25
  • 20 ft. length-$35.50 Sale Price $30


.225 straight/straight

  • 10 ft. length-$25.50 Sale Price $20
  • 15 ft. lenght-$29.90 Sale Price $25
  • 20 ft. length-$35.50 Sale Price $30


.225 straight/right angle

  • 10 ft. length-$25.50 Sale Price $20
  • 15 ft. lenght-$29.50 Sale Price $25
  • 20 ft. length-$35.50 Sale Price $30


Dingwall Strings:


Strings for dingwall or extended range bass


  • 4-string set: $34.00


  • 5-string set: $42.00


  • 6-string set: $50.00

Nordstrand Guitars :

The new "N" logo gig bags from Carey Nordstrand are now available. These bags are of exceptional quality, feature Carey's classic Nordstrand "N" on the front storage pouch, and have all of the pockets and storage areas you would expect to find in a quality gig bag. Also, unlike a lot of other lower quality bags, this one has enough padding to actually protect your valuable instrument inside.

  • Nordstrand N logo gig bag: $100




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