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Welcome to Blueberry Hill Bass

Blueberry Hill Bass is home to some of the finest hand-crafted basses in the world. Our mission at Blueberry Hill is to connect the most talented, skilled, and experienced luthiers with bass players looking for a unique, world-class instrument that embodies the ultimate in design, craftsmanship, and TONE!

I started Blueberry Hill Bass for the very reason that you are here…because I love basses and accept nothing less than the very best when it comes to the tools I use for musical expression.

After years of searching for the best high-end basses available, I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of service and selection in local music stores. The service was lackluster, the selection of instruments was always poor, and I rarely found dealers who were as knowledgeable or as passionate about custom basses as I am.

Jay Lewis, Owner
Blueberry Hill Bass

Finally tone aficionados now have a “one stop shop” when it comes to the absolute best in custom, high-end basses. You will find that the luthiers represented at Blueberry Hill are unparalleled in skill and expertise. You simply won’t find a better selection and a better representation of high-end basses and bass builders anywhere in the world.

At Blueberry Hill, we are committed to helping you find the right luthier for your custom bass project and will use our knowledge and experience to help you design the bass of your dreams.

Why buy from Blueberry Hill Bass?

  • Because we work closely with the most talented bass builders in the business, we can offer professional consultation based on the experiences of many, as opposed to being limited to the best that only one builder has to offer. Also, because I am a bass player and an active musician, you can feel confident that we speak the same language.

  • As an authorized dealer for every builder you see on this site, we have build slots reserved in advance and can often reduce the wait time on a custom build. As demand for high-end basses increases and wait times increase, you can take advantage of the build slots we have on reserve.  There is no need to wait 18-24 months for your custom order.

  • As a dealer, we can offer customers significant discounts that are not available when ordering direct from the luthiers. For some who are willing to pay, working directly with a builder is the only way to go. I understand and respect this position. However, this simply isn’t necessary or practical for most active bass players where turn-around time and the bottom dollar are major concerns. If you’d like to speed up the process and save some dollars at the same time, then working through Blueberry Hill is definitely the way to go…and we appreciate your business!

  • You get my full and undivided attention from beginning to end. Making bass players happy is Blueberry Hill's highest priority. For me, this is the fun part of the job. I love talking about basses with other musicians, I'm a huge fan of each builder I represent, and am dedicated to helping you choose the best options that will make your instrument perfect for you and your needs.


Why buy from Blueberry Hill Bass?


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