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This is the original that started it all. A true single coil pickup for those that are seeking the pure, unmistakable tone and classic design that only the NJ4s can deliver. The NJ4s are full and even from top to bottom. They're a great all-around pickup for all music genres and playing styles. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ4 set-$155
  • NJ4 single pickup (neck or bridge)-$80



The SEs were born out of necessity and have become one of the most popular and widely acclaimed Nordstrand pickup models to date. A hum-canceling split-coil jazz pickup, the SVs deliver that classic single coil tone but without the noise and 60 cycle hum that plague most true single coil designs. This set is SUPER growly with a slight boost in the midrange. They're great for the player that wants a hum-canceling pickup with a little boost and are excellent for fretless basses as well. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ4SE set-$230
  • NJ4SE single pickup (neck or bridge)-$115



Similar to the SEs, the SV set was designed for those players who loved the tone of the NJ4s but wanted a pickup that was immune to noise and 60 cycle hum. An excellent choice for the gigging musician who does a lot of live playing and studio work, the SV set is tonally as close as you can get to being a clone of the original NJ4 single coil. The SVs are very even and balanced from top to bottom and deliver classic, instantly recognizable tones with sweet highs, punchy mids, and rich lows. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ4SV set-$230
  • NJ4SV single pickup (neck of bridge) -$115



The NP4/NP5 pickup was another of the very first models to be designed by Carey for use in his custom basses and as a drop-in replacement. The NP4 nails the classic "hollow grind" that has made this pickup design one of the most popular and most widely recorded over the course of the last 50 years. This baby can cover everything from Motown to '60s pop to heavy metal....just grab a pick and grind away!

  • NP4-$115
  • NP5-$125



A number of P/J sets can be created using a NP4 and a bridge pickup from any of the jazz sets. If you're on a low budget, the NPJ4 set would be the way to go. However, for best results, we recommend matching the NP4 with one of the hum-canceling jazz models for quiet operation. This allows you to solo either pickup or to use them in any combination without worrying about introducing noice and 60 cycle hum into your signal chian.

  • NPJ4 set (includes one NP4 and one bridge NJ4)-$200
  • NPJ4SV set (includes one NP4 and one bridge NJ4SV)-$239
  • NPJ4SE set (includes one NP4 and one bridge NJ4SE)-$239



The NJ5 single coil is very similar to the NJ4 above, but is specifically designed for 5-string basses. A balanced pickup, the NJ5 deivers a vintage, growly tone with a snappy, articulate top end. This pickup is slightly smaller in size, as it is a 5-string pickup in the size of a conventional 4-string cover. *These pickups are not currently available with covers. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ5 set-$189
  • NJ5 single (neck or bridge)-$94



The NJ5S set is a split-coil verion of the above mentioned NJ5 pickups. If you're looking for a 5-string pickup that will fit in a standard 4-string sized route and will be free from hum and noise, this is the perfect set for you.

  • NJ5S set-$239
  • NJ5S single (neck or bridge)-$119



Similar to the smaller NJ5, this single coil will fit full-sized 5-string pickup routes. This set also delivers a full, rich, balanced tone from top to bottom...just what you would expect from a classic sounding set of jazz pickups. The neck pickups if full whereas the brige pickup delivers plenty of growl. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ5F set-$180
  • NJ5F single (neck or bridge)-$90



This replacement set has been extremely popular with players how are looking to add some life to their production 5-strings and would also like to upgrade to a hum-canceling pickup at the same time. This is about as close to a true single coil tone as you can get in a split-coil design, and the proof really is in this pickups killer tone. Whether you like to favor the neck for deep, supportive lows or like to solo the bridge for growly, burpy funk lines, you'll dig this set for sure. These pickups come with black plastic covers.

  • NJ5FS set-$239
  • NJ5FS single (neck or bridge)-$119


The 4.2 is a humbucking replacement pickup for MM-style basses. Alnico 5 magnets and an old school tone will help warm up your MM 4-string, giving you the classic thump of a vintage pre-EB bass.

  • MM4.2-$106



A triple coil 4-string pickup, the 4.3 is the one you'll want to grab if you have a MM-style bass with a 3-way selector switch for series/parallel/single coil operation. Like the two-coil version, the 4.3 delivers a bigger, warmer, fatter tone that stock MM pickups. The dummy coil that sits under the two primary coils allows the pickup to be operated in single coil mode without noise.

  • MM4.3-$140



With the popularity of the 4.2 and 4.3 soaring through the startosphere, Carey decided to add a quad-coil MM pickup to the lineup. The 4.4 is potentially the most versatile of the bunch due to the various wiring options you have at your disposal with the four coils. This pickup will still give you a pre-EB MM tone and will help to add some life to a bass equiped with ceramic magnet pickups.

  • MM4.4-$125



A great replacement/upgrade for a 5-string MM style bass, the 5.2 can be wired in series, parallel, or single coil modes. Three versions of this pickup are available depending on what type of bass they're to be used in, and the tone is similar to the rest of the Nordstrand MM line...growly, punchy, and fat.

  • MM5.2-$115



A 5-string version of the popular MM4.3 triple coil, the 5.3 also features a dummy coil under the two primary coils so that the pickup will be silent and noise-free in single coil mode. If you'd like to sweeten up your 5-string MM, pop a 5.3 in and prepare for your jaw to drop.

  • MM5.3-$149



The 5.4 is a 5-string version of the qual coil 4.4 pickup mentioned above. Like the 4.4, the 5.4 has a great deal of flexability with respect to wiring options and is a great value to boot.

  • MM5.4-$140



Big Singles are the ultimate in tone for the single coil purist. A soapbar-sized single coil, these oversized pickups are huge, loud, aggressive, and down-right mean! The first time I heard a set of Big Singles I was absolutely blown away by their characteristic sound. I was blown away and a lot of other players have been too. Big Singles are the same size as the Fat Stacks and are great for players who are looking for the ultimate "single coil on steroids" tone. This set will make people sit up and listen!

  • Big Single 4 set-$165
  • Big Single 5 set-$205
  • Big Single 6 set-$257


The "Big Split" pickup is a split-coil, hum-canceling version of the Big Single. This pickup is similar to Carey's popular single-coil soapbar pickup in that it delivers a grindy, old-school muscular sound. However, unlike a "true" single coil design, it will never suffer from noise or 60 cycle hum. This soapbar was designed for 19mm string spacing and is perfect for the "Big Singles" fan who is gunshy about using a single coil pickup for live or studio work.

  • Big Split 4 set-$205
  • Big Split 5 set-$249
  • Big Split 6 set-$295



One of Carey's original pickup designs, Fat Stacks were immediately popular with a wide range of players and their popularity has continued to grow with both bass players and bass builders. In fact, these might be one of Carey's greatest creations, as they sound huge, are incredibly versatile, and go a great job of satisfying both "modern" and "old school" fans alike. The Fat Stacks can also be tapped, converting them from a hum-canceling pickup to Big Singles...a true single coil.

  • Fat Stack 4 set-$205
  • Fat Stack 5 set-$249
  • Fat Stack 6 set-$295



A killer dual coil pickup designed by Carey, the Nordstrand Dual Coil pickups are extremely popular with bassists who are looking for a modern pickup with a cutting-edge tone, great clarity, depth, and fast attack. This pickup is wound slightly differently for series and parallel operation, but the essence of the pickup's performance is still the same.

  • Dual Coil 4 set-$249
  • Dual Coil 5 set-$315
  • Dual Coil 6 set-$403



Use Paypal as a convenient method of payment for Nordstrand pickup. Just send payment via Paypal to with your shipping address and we can easily turn your pickup order around. For interntional customers, e-mail first with your postal code to confirm shipping costs.


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