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Welcome to Blueberry Hill Bass, home of the finest hand-crafted, high-end custom basses in the world.

Our mission at Blueberry Hill is to connect the most talented, skilled, and experienced luthiers with bass players looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind instrument.

We work with and represent Danelectro, Dingwall Guitars, Mike Lull Guitars, Roscoe Guitars, George Ls Cables, and Peterson Tuners because we feel that they offer the best custom bass and bass accessories at the best value.

At Blueberry Hill, you will only find instruments that embody the ultimate in design, craftsmanship, playability, value, and TONE!

come find your thrill...

> Danelectro

> Dingwall

> F Bass

> Lull

> Nordstrand

> Roscoe

> George Ls

> Peterson


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